STEEZ CT SV TW 700XHL SINISTRO Ratio 8.1 1 150gr 76cm/g Drag 4.5kg


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Compact + tought + SV. Steez CT SV is the finesse tuned version Daiwa high-end Steez SV with 30mm dia CT spool, to have more control in presenting finesse rigs on water. With the CT SV, plastic worm with 1/32oz sinker will be cast very easy precisely to the spots, without excess line between rod and rigs. Compared to other finesse shallow spool reels, Steez CT SV may spool thicker lines like 8-10lb, and you may catch more fish with the thicker lines.

It features Magnesium alloy metal body to remove weight. Brake system is Air Brake system, matched with SV spools it casts long without backlash. G1 air craft grade extra strong duralumin spool acceralate quite fast and casts great distance. TWS T shaped level winder system let lines move more freely in casting to add about 5% more casting distance. Improved salt-resitance will benefit all anglers, especailly for saltwater anglers. Now one ball bearing at pinion has Mag-seal to prevent water comes-in, whithout damaging light spin of the bearing.
uper light weight air metal body
Magforce Air brake system, with 20 level adjustable from outside
Machined G1 air craft grade extra strong duraluin spool
TWS T shaped level winder
ATD automatic tournament drag system offers upgraded smooth drag
Line alarm when lines are pulled
Zaion carbon palming cup
Swayed handle 80mm long
Salt resistant ball bearings
Mag-sealed ball bearing at pinion for more durability
Clicking drag
Colors: H Gold, XH Purple
Saltwater fine
Made in Japan

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